What to Pack

  • September 7, 2019
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There are some things that are pretty obvious when you start to think about packing for your holiday to Orlando… but there are a few things that you may not have thought about. 
In the Summer it can be absolutely scorching hot all day, but it’s rare you’ll go a whole day without a torrential downpour. If you’re coming from the UK we can almost guarantee you won’t have seen rain like it. You could opt for a park-issued bright yellow poncho, or you could come prepared with your own lightweight waterproofs… or you could just accept the inevitable and let yourself get drenched knowing you’ll be dry in no time when the sun comes back. 
Bearing in mind the tendency for torrential rain, make sure you pack some decent shoes – especially if you’re heading to the parks. Flip flops and downpours don’t go together well. 
Reusable Water Bottle
You’ll be drinking a lot of water while you’re away and you can massively reduce your spending and your impact on the environment if you bring an empty water bottle along with you. You can take an empty bottle through security at any airport and then just look out for a water fountain or ask in a cafe for a fill-up when you’ve cleared security. Park prices can get very expensive, so you’ll be saving yourself a fortune too. 
Nope, we’ve got that one covered. We’ve got plenty of towels and you’re more than welcome to take them with you if you head out for the day. 
You’ll need somewhere to put that reusable water bottle and your lightweight waterproofs – so make sure you bring a small backpack for any day trips. On the bigger rides you’ll need to leave your bags in a locker and loose items are never good. 
Change for the tolls
On the way from the airports to our Villa you’ll come across a few toll roads that will expect exact change only. If you can, try to bring a few dollars in quarters (or change some notes at the airport before you leave).
Sat Nav
You can hire a sat nav from your car rental company… if you’re happy to pay a small fortune for it! We use an app called Sygic – for a one time charge of about £20-30 (they have plenty of offers, so if you can hold out for a good deal) you get a lifetime subscription to worldwide Sat Nav. Just download the maps for the country or state you’re headed to before you leave and you’re good to go – Sat Nav on your phone without eating your data allowance. 
Obviously the US have different plug sockets to the UK, so you’ll need at least one adaptor with you. When we travel we tend to take one adaptor and a UK Extension Lead to maximise charging space. That being said, we’ve got you covered on this one as you’ll find a UK Extension fixed to the wall just under the breakfast bar. 
If you’re a bit of a bookworm, you might want to bring some reading material with you. We’ve got a library in the Villa where you can exchange the book you’ve just finished with a pre-loved book from a previous guest. You’re welcome to take a book with  you when you leave, all we ask is that you leave one in its place for future guests to enjoy. 
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