Our favourite food without going far

Red Lobster 
A firm family favourite for many years, no trip to Villa HunnyPot is complete for us without a visit to Red Lobster!! If you time it right and are visiting during their annual LobsterFest, you’re in even more luck. The boys in our family always go straight for the Ultimate Feast, while for us girls it’s more likely to be some combination of shrimp. Of course, you’d be missing out if you didn’t sample some of the exotic beach-inspired cocktails….  Red Lobster is probably the closest restaurant to the Villa.
Longhorn Steakhouse
You can’t beat a good steak and they don’t come much better than this!! If you’ve got room after all the steak, the bread they serve is beautiful – it’s a whole loaf of gorgeousness. Don’t forget to ask for a take-out box if you can’t manage to finish it all.  
Olive Garden
On our first visit to Olive Garden, one member of the party was told he should receive a medal for the amount of food he consumed. So if you’ve got a big appetite, this one’s for you… Italian inspired, multi-course, cheese loaded wonderfulness awaits!! 
Bahama Breeze
A slightly newer discovery for us, the exotic flavours send us down memory lane to adventurous holidays in far flung locations. Whether it’s Mahi-Mahi or a Mai Tai, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 
If you’re looking for something a little bit healthier, treat yourself to a fresh sandwich or salad from Panera…. topped up with fresh baked cookies (we can’t go too healthy, we are on holiday, after all!) and delicious soups. The drink choices are a real bargain too – with free refills you can enjoy one with lunch and then fill up for the road!
Ghiradelli’s Chocolate Fountain
We’d be lying if we said we didn’t make multiple trips to this sumptuous cafe on every visit. In the heart of Disney Springs, you can enjoy one of the biggest and best ice-cream sundae’s you’ve ever seen… skip lunch and head straight for dessert. Watch the world go by and enjoy the views over the lake while your diet becomes a distant memory and you indulge in a gigantic bowl of ice cream, hot fudge sauce and maybe a chocolate dipped strawberry or two. 
Further afield… Bubba Gump!
You’ll need to head up to Universal Boardwalk for this one, but it’s worth the drive!! Discovered on a Californian Road Trip a few years back, Bubba Gump transports us back to the sun-kissed beaches of Monterey Bay with shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp… all while surrounded by Forest Gump memorabilia. If you treat yourself to a cocktail (or mocktail if you’re the driver!), don’t forget to swap your glass for a clean one to bring home as a souvenir.
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